Angel Caller – Solid Heart


A one-of-a-kind collection of Mayan-inspired jewellery that is both functional and meaningful.

70 cm
70 cm
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Known as the “Angel Caller” in Mayan culture. According to legend, the tinkling sound from the ball, unique to each pendant, summons the wearer’s guardian angel, protecting and accompanying her throughout her life.

In traditional cultures, pregnant women would wear the Harmony Ball necklace (aka Harmony Bola) during pregnancy as an amulet to protect themselves and their unborn children. Its soft, familiar tinkling sound would soothe a newborn after birth, reminiscing about the warmth and care of the womb, helping him or her sleep.

No matter if you’re pregnant or not, the angel caller necklace is a thoughtful gift that any woman will love.

DESIGN & MATERIAL: A very delicate and warm Angel Caller necklace featuring a solid heart design. Made from silver-plated brass and exquisitely handcrafted.

NECKLACE: Made from stainless steel this chain is offered in three length choices.

AMAZING GIFT: Angel Callers are among the most thoughtful gifts. That’s why we made sure they come in a similarly deserving packaging. Each Angel Caller pendant comes in a branded gift bag with information cards and is perfectly preserved in a glass jar. It’s ready to give as a gift with our packaging.



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45cm, 70 cm, 100cm


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